Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm not sure how this has turned into dinosaur week at my home, but somehow we are there.  We are currently making a model of a dinosaur.  Tonight my son got some green paint on his teeth and my husband told him not to worry because it could just be the dinosaur's food caught in his teeth.  My son piped up and said.."Dad, he's a carnivore not a herbivore"  "Hello."  Ha ha ha

We also made white chocolate dinosaur suckers today.  My son enjoyed two of those and gave one to Daddy.  There's still one left, but since I don't like white chocolate...I'm sure it will be eaten by someone else tomorrow.

Maybe we will just head to the library and check out some books and then get the Land Before Time movie.  :)

I'm enjoying this special time with my little man.

God Bless

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