Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Science is in the future!!

We are studying animal and plant cells.  It was supposed to just be for my middle daughter's homework; however, my little guy wants me to wait until he gets finished with his work to start her science.  ;o)  Uh, twisted my arm.  So, drawing a diagram and labeling it is fine.  Reading books and talking about it is okay too.  But, really, hands on is SO much better.  And, if we can eat's totally a win-win!!

The kids and I have been discussing the best medium with which to create our cells.  We are making both types since they differ.  We discussed jello and cake.  There are pros and cons of both.  The jello is wiggly and really, really fun to mess with; however, after much discussion, we agreed that cake would give us more options.  (We still may have to make some jello jigglers just for fun in the future!!)

That being decided here are some of the ideas the kids had the cells and for the parts.   First, since the plant cells have sturdier cell walls, it will be a cake baked in a glass pan.  Can you guess what we are doing with the animal cell?  It's going to be cupcakes.  They want to surround the outside of both cells with air heads...I told them we'd compromise and go with fruit roll ups.  The nucleus will be some sort of gummy candy--they'd really like to find a gummy brain.  The nuclear membrane will surround the nucleus and will be made of rice krispie treats.  (not sure of the color yet--the jury is still out on that one)  For the plant cell, there will be either green M&M's or green sprinkles.  (I'm voting for M&M's!!)

We still have more planning to do.  The kids are super excited about this project.  This is going to be dessert for Thanksgiving week.  They want to share with Aunt Lori.  ;o)

I'll let you know when the project is finished and I'll post pictures.

Have a great evening and God Bless.

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