Wednesday, December 1, 2010

5 Things a Day

I have too much stuff in my house.  The problem is I keep bring in more stuff!!  So, I'm thinking that for every "thing" that I bring into the house, I need to take one thing out.  Obviously this excludes eventually goes out in the end.  HA HA HA HA  Sorry, that was terrible.

Oh, and I think I need to also remove 5 other things from my house a day.  Whether it be 5 pieces of paper or 5 pieces of clothing.

You know, really I think the five things could go so much farther.  I think I can take it to a whole new level.  We all know I like lists.  What if I limit my lists to 5 reasonable things to do per day.  Then, when I get those finished, I can make a list of 5 more.  Hmmmmm.

Okay, time to throw things away.  If you see my kids by the trash, please let me know I've taken this a step too far!

God Bless


  1. Love this post. This little thing you can do everyday is a great way to get rid of unneeded stuff! Hope it goes according to plan!

  2. Thanks! I was rather inspired by another blogger the other day and it made me think. Hmmm, I wonder who that was. Wish me luck.