Tuesday, November 23, 2010


As my children and I are running around today, I heard sirens.  They always make my heart leap and my palms sweat.  No, it's not because I'm speeding...although, I seems to always look down at that moment...lol.  It's because in that moment, everything flashes before my eyes.  In an instant, I think about so very much. 

It's amazing what a perspective children can bring to your life.  When I was younger and carefree, I would have never felt this way.  Now, as I get older I think about not only what those sirens mean for me...but what they could mean for my children and others. 

My heart aches and my stomach churns.  Yet, as a Christian, shouldn't I be taking a moment to find peace in the fact that this is all a part of God's plan?  Shouldn't I realize that God is in control and that I have nothing to fear and nothing to worry?  Shouldn't I understand that there are no accidents only things along our path that propel us towards our final destination...our eternal home with Jesus Christ??  Why is it that I still cringe and want to call my husband to make sure he hasn't left the office and it's not him out there somewhere? 

That's right, because I'm human...because I worry.  Should I stop worrying about the ones I love?  No.  Should I stop praying for those who are touched by these accidents?  No.  However, I can't let the worry or stress of accidents consume me.  I need to find a happy medium. 

So, for the moment, I will continue with my children to pray when I hear sirens for those who have been hurt and for those who are affected.  And, I will continue to be cautious myself.  However,  I will accept the path that Jesus has before me and when he calls me home I will reach for him and go.

Praying for those today who need it.  God bless

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