Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What to do for School?

Even though we are enrolled in BOSS this year, I still like to enhance the children's education with extra projects.  We attend weekly Academic Enrichment Classes which cover a different subject every month.  Additionally, we go to the library about once a week in order to peruse the shelves.  The children also enjoy tennis lessons, soccer (for my youngest), clay classes, and 4-H.  --Although, these last things listed won't start again until spring.

With the extra things in mind, I also like to make sure my children feel passionate about their school work.  They don't have to love everything, but I want them to love learning.  I need them to have fun with school! 

So, we try to take the subjects that BOSS presents and adjust them to our needs.  We might make crafts instead of just reading the mythological lesson.  There might be experiments instead of just reading in the science book.  You get the idea.

I need to decide where we go from here.  That's where I am this morning.  I'm thinking about my children's future educational needs.  What do I need to do to meet those?  What can I do to make their education more fun and exciting...while still creating that all important learning environment?

Hmmm.  A great deal to be thinking about this early in the morning.  Yet, at the same time, I think about this all day everyday, so today is really no different.

So, where do we go from here??  I will always be planning for tomorrow and looking to their future, but hopefully living in the today with them!!   

Enjoy your children today and God Bless

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