Friday, November 12, 2010

A day in the life

My husband had the day off, so it changed our whole Friday!  No school today!!  Yeah!  Although, everyone knows that I always sneak something in somewhere.  (Insert evil laugh here.)

Tim took our two youngest to the zoo today.  They had a great time.  Both kids enjoyed seeing the new polar bear exhibit.  They were a bit sad that fluffy, the "ginormous" snake, died recently.  My eldest and I enjoyed a lazy day around the house reading.  It was really nice.  She was in one chair and I was in the other just rocking and reading.  Oh, and of course snacking!! 

After they got home, we grilled some yummy steak from the butcher shop on the charcoal grill.  We had to wait a bit for it to cool off.  My husband got a BIT carried away with the lighter  Dinner consisted of steak, potatoes, green beans, and corn.  Seriously, I'm stuffed!!

This is the best part of the I go...ready?  My incredible husband took my children to the movies tonight.  I am enjoying the house.  It is both peaceful and quite.  Ahhhh!  He really is a fabulous man.  I am very lucky.

Well, I think that about summarizes my lazy day!  Thanks for caring enough to read about our day.  Or, if you didn't care that much and you were just nosey...I hope you enjoyed your read. 

Have a great day and God Bless!

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