Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Step away from the pan, step away from the pan!!

This is what I was screaming inside my head as I scooped up my 3rd plate of mushrooms, onions and chicken.  Ugh!  I'm shoving it in my face right now and I'm going to finish it because I've been taught to clean my plate.  I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that I have NO willpower when it comes to food. 

Oh, oh here's one.  I went to the store last night craving something.  Everyone realizes that's a big fat NO NO...right??  Well, obviously I wasn't listening to the voices in my head.  (My therapist said those would eventually go away with the medication--hmmmm.)  So, my daughters and I went into Wal-Mart, which is crazy right now (just a quick fyi).  We were doing fine until I went down the juice isle.  :(  It was downhill from there people.  It was so sad.  I'm sure you're thinking what did you do???

I wanted it all.  I couldn't decide.  So, I got two bottles of cran-apple, 1 bottle of white grape juice, 1 bottle of dark grape juice and 1 bottle of peach grape juice.  UGH!!  Usually when I do something crazy like that I can walk around the store and convince myself that I'm being absolutely silly and need to put it back.  (chips and Oreos frequently hit my basket like this...)  However, it was nasty I hurried us to the exit.

I'm sitting here with my 3rd plate of food and a cup of juice.  Ha Ha Ha.  You know what?  It's SO yummy together.  I put all the other juice away and I'm saving it for when my sister comes to visit.

Prayers to those that don't have money to buy groceries and don't have the luxury of filling their plate a 3rd time.

God Bless

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