Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I should never start cleaning.

So, I made my list today. I'm totally a list person. Sometimes I will complete something that I didn't have on my list and then add it to my list just so I can mark it off. (I know you do it too!!) Anywho, today on my list was clean out the dishdrainer. Seems innocent enough, right? NOT!!

It has morphed into some absolutely crazy kitchen project. How does this happen? I emptied the drainer...only to realize that the mugs that had been sitting in there really didn't fit in my cabinet. SO, I moved the mugs around in my cabinet which began a heated debate with my children, which somehow I lost, on whether or not we should get rid of any mugs. Then, the shifting of cups, moving of plates...the list goes on and on. I'm still not finished, but I had to stop the madness and review quizes, read a story, go over plurals, discuss fact vs. opinion and make lunch...woo hoo!!

As I sit here eating my soup, which is quite yummy by the way, I'm thinking that I've gotten not much done on my list of things I originally had written down. Why is it I need to see things marked off? I've had a productive day.

Here are some of the things I've done so far.
1. A load of dishes...they are put away too! woo hoo
2. Two loads of laundry...dried, folded and hanging--ready to put away
3. Dinner is in the crock pot going as I type.
4. We are done with school for the day.--although I'm thinking I want them to do more. (mwahahaha--that was my evil laugh by the way)
5. I got out of bed this morning. Okay, I'm just sayin'

This is why I make lists...I'm looking at this thinkin' I need to do more. ugh!! I really think I've made my point. I should NEVER start cleaning!!

Happy rainy day & God Bless

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