Sunday, December 5, 2010


So, with my son learning the 10 commandments, which I am super duper excited about...I find myself having reconciliation thrown in my face more and more.  And, like any good Catholic, I don't like it.  lol  I know I should.  I totally want to, but I don't.

I get so stressed before I go.  Okay, I'm a total sinner.  I'm just going to put that out there and up front so everyone knows it.  But, when you do a really big examination of conscious....ugh, some really nasty stuff comes out, doesn't it.

For example, you'd think that commandment #5:  Thou shalt not kill...I'm totally fine here, right.  WRONG!!  If you think about it, it also means have you killed anyone's spirit, their happiness?  Are you mean to others? 

Oh, the list goes on and on.  I also am trying to wrap myself around commandment #3:  Keeping the Lord's Day Holy.  What if you volunteer at church?  Sunday is to be a day of prayer and rest.  How much volunteer time is too much?

It's time to go.  So, the next time you see me.  I want you to say something to me about it.  I want you to tell me that it's time to go to reconciliation.  Better yet, you could offer to go with me.  :)  Okay, okay, just remind me it's time.  Tell, me I asked for this.  lol

Pray for those who are struggling and needing to go.  Also, pray for those this month making their first Reconciliation.  (Thinking of you J.W.)

God Bless! 

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