Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Nephew

So, I've been visiting family this last weekend.  It's been bittersweet.  My reason for visiting at this time of year is of course to be here for my sister and her family for the 1 year anniversary of my brother-in-law's accident.  However, my own selfish reasons for being here are to spend time with my family.  

One of my very favorite things that I get to do when I come to visit is spend quality time with my nieces and nephews.  My nephew B & I hang out in the evenings when everyone else goes to bed.  Over the last few years we've gotten closer and spent a great deal of time together.  Sometimes his older brother, my godson, M, hangs with us...but he's in college, not as much.  B & I used to always have a movie night out when I came to town...until the local show shut down.  Now, we find other things to do.  

Many times, we will sit and watch a movie and just hang out.  It's nice.  These are times that I know that I will cherish forever!  

Tonight we went out for a late night Mickey-D's run. He got his first Big Mac!! I was such a proud aunt..ha ha. Oh, and there were fries, an egg nog shake, an oreo mcflurry, a soda, 2 cheese burgers and a really, really crappy holiday pie...don't try one of these...NASTY!!  After our late night food run, we just sat around and shot the breeze for about an hour.  It was so wonderful!

I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful nephew that still likes hangin' out with his crazy Aunt Sara.

God Bless my nephew!!

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