Wednesday, December 15, 2010

5 Little Things and Goal Setting

During the last month I've been talking a great deal about 5 things and making lists.  It really was working quite well.  I've taken a bit of time off and come to my sisters.  While here I haven't been able to "purge" things from my home; however my main objective was just making it through the days...yeah, I did that!!.  That pretty much was my entire goal.  Huge for me, right?  You also know that I love to make lists, but really these last few days have just been about going through the motions and picking up the pieces and making sure everyone was still there at the end of the day.

Now, we are onto tomorrow.  First things first, I need to get rid of some things.  I think that I need to go to confession somewhere before the ice storm hits here.  I could totally "purge" my soul of some things...I'm sure I have at least 5 things there!!  My children need to learn about my 5 little things idea.  I'd like to share it with them.  I really have enjoyed it so much.  I think they will also.

Then, I'm thinking that I need to look into both some short and long term goals.  I could "purge" my body this week of unwanted and unneeded calories this week!!  That could be a short term goal which could lead to the long term goal of taking better care of myself.  I could get back to writing my blog and sharing of myself.  It makes me feel so much better.  I just feel such a release.  Ahhhhhh!

You know writing all of these things down and looking over them again...I think I need to go on a spiritual retreat.  Anyone else feel the same way?  Anyone feel like they just need a soul cleaning, quick start on their journey?

I believe that it's the little things we do that make a big difference in the end.  And, I think it's the little things that I do today that will make a difference for myself and my family tomorrow!

God Bless!

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