Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm a total goober!

This is just in case anyone out there wasn't sure about me...I am a total and complete goober!! 

My son worked super hard on school today, so as a treat I allowed him some video game time.  Pretty cool of me, right?  Wrong! 

He reads okay, but not super well yet.  Therefore, I had to read things to him when he got to different points in the game.  This meant I didn't get much done around the house.  Oh, and there was this part in the game where you had to figure out how to cross the bridge...uh, who makes these crazy things anyway,  I was bad at the Atari!!  Really, how many buttons can you have on a controller. 

He kept telling me I was doing it wrong.  Then, I would give him "the look".  Followed by his, "You could just read the instructions!"  I didn't have the heart to tell him that didn't come with "stupid people" instructions.  I googled it online....nothing!  So, obviously it was a simple answer, right?? 

A half a bag of chips and almost an hour later, I solved the mystery.  WOW!  Let me tell you though, my son's excitement and enthusiasm for my accomplishment was so wonderful.  It was one of those quick moments where I felt like super mom!!  (Until I thought about how I could have had another child who was adept in games come over and do it in about 10   

So, it once again has been proven...I am not a game player...hee hee.

God Bless!

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