Friday, December 3, 2010

Making a list and checking it twice

So, this morning has gone really well.  I started my day by doing something really crazy.  I didn't actually make a list.  (eventhough we all know how much I love the list)  I just decided what I was going to do today.  With 5 things, it's not that big of a list, so even I can remember that.

Here was today's starter list.  I have to finish this before I can do anything else.
#1.  Take a shower
#2.  Paint my toe nails
#3.  Dry load of clothes
#4.  Get clothes out of dryer
#5.  Start give away stack in hallway  (for my other 5 things that are happening!!)

So, this list is finished.  I, of course, did a few other things like fed myself and my son.  We tossed the football in the house.  (Really, not a good idea.)  I played on FB and typed this post.  I got rid of 5 things off the fireplace mantle and off my dresser upstairs. 

Now, for the afternoon I will need to make a new list of things to do.  I'm thinking that it will go something like this.

#1.  Do some math with my little man.
#2.  Do a load of whites (although...does that count as more than one??)
#3.  Throw away 5 things off kitchen counter.
#4.  Vacuum living room.
#5.  Work on a crochet blanket with my son.  (We won't finish this, but we'll work on it for 15-20 min...or as long as he lasts.)

So, this is where I am for the day.  I hope your day is moving as smoothly as mine is so far.

God Bless!!

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