Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back

Here I sit staring at a blank screen.  I'm really not sure where to start.  It's been just over 2 months since my last post.  And as a homeschooling mom who constantly harps on "just write something"...I find myself sitting here just typing into the great unknown. 

If you write it...what...if I write it, then what.  Some amazing thing will occur??  Hmmm.

Well, no, not exactly.  However, as my children can eventually attest, just writing is good.  It helps you get your thoughts and ideas out there.  Does it matter if no one else is listening or reading what I write?  No, not today.  Today is for me.  Today is a new beginning.  Today...I'm kicking my tires, scraping off the ice and telling everyone around that I'm ready to get started again!

I've had a good last couple of months.  Life has been crazy, but then again isn't it always?  We have two new family  They are just like having babies.  My house is getting cleaned up, but it's still a mess.  I always feel like we're broke...oh, wait...sometimes we are.  My husband and kids are wonderful...except when I'm a raving lunatic.  Homeschooling is amazing...except when I feel completely inadequate.  I'm getting out and making new friends...who are just my friends because they feel sorry for me (insert old issues here).  I've started exercising know I'm just not going to say anything here, you can insert your own nasty comment.

See, overall life is absolutely amazing!! 

God Bless!

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