Sunday, May 13, 2012

God Moments

How many times do we go through our day and not know if we have touched someone's life?  I'm talking about the "big" touches.  You know the ones.  I'd like to think of them as God moments.  Those times in our lives when God puts just the right thoughts, words, body language and pours a bit of the Holy Spirit in there and then...wah la!  It's a God moment.  A moment you didn't plan or create, but were a part of and may not even know it.

I've had a couple of those this week. 

Nope, God was not putting those beautiful words in my mouth.  I was on the receiving end.

As a mother, caretaker, educator, wife, taxi driver, housekeeper, maid, and slave laborer (did I say that??)  :-)  among a few of my job descriptions, I many times feel alone.  Shocking, right?  I'm surrounded by children all day, but I feel utterly and entirely alone.  I feel lost and scared.  I worry that I'm not doing enough.  Sometimes I worry that I'm doing too much and I'll start having seizures again.  And, honestly, sometimes I just worry.  I feel lost and did I mention alone??  sigh

However, this week two people that read my blog (seriously, I didn't know anyone still did), called or spoke to me in person and touched me.  It made me think of a song that I learned growing up, "This Little Light of Mine."  I could really see the light of Christ in them.  They touched me.  They reminded me I wasn't alone.  I'm doing okay.  I'm on the right path.

So, today or tomorrow or even next week if you feel the urge to say something (nice or constructive) to someone...listen to your heart.  Listen to God.   Share the light of Christ with others. 

You have no idea what your actions today might spark in someone tomorrow.

Peace and Happiness,

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